Meet Janica

With a keen eye for quality and luxury, Janica Smith has created a brand that showcases her passion for exceptional design, great food, and beautiful experiences. She holds a bachelor’s degree in merchandising and is a proud Goldman Sachs graduate.

Through her experience working for numerous luxury brands and living in places like Chicago, Detroit, and New York, Janica has developed her business acumen and sharpened her vision for Janna Kay Charcuterie, a charcuterie brand at the intersection of impeccable style, delicious and fresh offerings, and an immaculate attention to detail.

Since its launch, Janna Kay Charcuterie has truly been a testament to Janica’s hard work, dedication, and faith. As her business continues to evolve and expand, Janica continues to use her creativity and love for opulence in everyday living, to bring people together and enhance her community one bite at a time.