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Our Brand Story

An unmatched experience to delight your senses, Janna Kay Charcuterie Boards and Boxes delivers supreme quality and superb service. What started as a gift for her guests during her backyard, quarantine-style birthday party, Janica Smith turned into a timely, thriving business. With an extensive and impressive background in retail merchandising, Janica is using her expertise to blaze a trail as an entrepreneur and luxury brand. She is led by faith with a fearless pursuit to create a lasting legacy for her daughters, but most importantly to fulfill her own dreams and goals. As a working mom, Janica understands the balance between her individual aspirations and those of her children. She hopes to encourage them to always value their own talents and passions by first leading by example. 

Janna Kay Charcuterie has grown exponentially since its inception and now includes partnerships and collaborations that continue to expand. Janica’s vision has extended to the creation of a lifestyle brand, Janna Kay, that is a culmination of chic and sumptuous pieces to elevate your day to day life.  

Janica’s love for curating beautiful and opulent events translates directly to her business. She treats every customer and order as she does with her own family and friends: with love, care, and craftsmanship. You can always expect top tier ingredients, a splendid presentation, and a personalized touch. This is the Janna Kay experience.


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