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Janna Kay Charcuterie Boxes and Boards

When you think of charcuterie, think of Janna KayExplore all

Janna Kay Charcuterie Catering

The perfect blend of exceptional ingredients, a tantalizing experience, and superb customer service, Janna Kay Charcuterie delivers luxury with every order.Shop now

Charcuterie Classes

Janna Kay Charcuterie offers a detailed, delicious, and fun class to teach you how to create your own charcuterie board.Learn now

Breathe by Janna Kay

A culmination of chic and sumptuous pieces to elevate your day to day life.Shop

How did we get Started?

What started as an experience for guests during a backyard, quarantine-styled birthday party morphed into the charcuterie brand, Janna Kay. The brand has grown exponentially since its inception largely due to its curated selection and pairing of fruit, cheeses, meats and wines. Each board is an experience of an array of cultivated pairings that have been curated to provide tasteful, beautiful and opulent delights.
When you think of charcuterie, think of Janna Kay

When you think of charcuterie, think of Janna Kay


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